Florida Bill of Sale Form (Florida Motorcycle, Boat and DMV Bill of Sale)

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Florida is a state in the US situated between the "Atlantic " and the "Golf of Mexico ". The state of Florida is notable for its Latin-American cultural heritage and hundreds of beautiful beaches. Miami and Orlando are some of the famous cities in Florida. Miami is known for its amazing nightlife experience while Orlando is known for housing beautiful parks across the city.

A fun fact about Florida is the introduction of "Florida Bill of Sale " that ensures valuable properties such as cars, boats, electronic gadgets and even firearms are duly registered by individuals after purchase. You simply have to follow these guidelines for items transaction whether you live part-time or full-time in Florida.

Florida Bill of Sale Form is a legal document specially designed for the transfer of ownership rights between a seller and a buyer. It is an important legal document issued out through paperwork process whenever someone wants to buy an item.

The Florida Bill of Sale document prevents any form of risk associated with buying and selling of items such as fraud or theft. The bill of sale document issued in this process helps to protect both the seller and the buyer.


For instance, whenever you purchase an item from a store you will be issued a receipt that will include your name, signature, item's price and date the item was purchased. This receipt shows you are the real owner of such item. So, a bill of sale form is like a receipt that serves as a "proof of ownership " for purchased items from a person or dealer rather than items purchased from stores.

You can design your own Florida bill of sale form by following the requirements for the specific item you're transacting. Every item comes with their own requirements and recommendations but it is important to understand the basic rules that guides the issuing of a bill of sale form in Florida.

Rules of Florida Bill of Sale Form

Here are basic rules that guides the issuing of Florida Bill of Sale Form;

  • Use of Legal Name : When transferring ownership rights of an item, the legal name of the buyer and seller must be written on the bill of sale.
  • Item Description : It is important to describe in details the type of item being sold on a bill of sale form. This item description can include model, manufacturer, type, color, year and identification number.
  • County Tax Documentation : A bill of sale form completed in Florida is expected to be transferred to a county tax office for documentation.
  • Number of Copies : It is necessary to make multiple copies of the bill of sale which should be at least three. One for the state, one for the buyer and one for the seller. In a case of multiple buyers/sellers, more copies are needed.
  • Language Requirements : There is no law in Florida that states that a bill of sale form must be written in a particular language. However, it is highly recommended that agreements not written in English language should be translated so that an FHSMV staff can read and process it without difficulty.

Note : It is important to create a bill of sale that is legal in your state. A bill of sale is also required if you are donating an item or selling it out as a junk.

Motorcycle Bill of Sale Form for Florida

There are rules that guides every state's bill of sale form for purchased items.

In a situation whereby an individual purchase a motorcycle from a dealer, it is necessary to process the bill of sale document for that motorcycle. This means the purchased motorcycle must be registered with the Florida bill of sale form.

When a seller is transferring a motorcycle to a buyer, it has to be notarized.

Important information that should be on the motorcycle bill of sale;

  • Motorcycle details such as manufacturer, model, color and body type.
  • The motorcycle identification number.
  • Name and signature of both buyer and seller.
Motorcycle Bill of Sale Form for Florida
Motorcycle Bill of Sale Form for Florida

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Boat Bill of Sale Form for Florida

Every boat purchased in Florida must be registered after 30 days and transferred to the county tax collector's office for official documentation. The Florida bill of sale for a boat can be quite similar to that of a vehicle. For instance, if a boat is being sold to a buyer in a "as-is " condition, it means the buyer will accept all forms of flaws that comes with the boat. There is also no refund option which should all be stated clearly in the bill of sale form.

Here are some of the information included on a Florida boat bill of sale form;

  • The year of purchase
  • Boat make or manufacturer
  • Type and color of the boat
  • Name and Address of Buyer and Seller
  • Hull ID Number or Vessel Identification Number (VIN)
  • Horsepower rating and motor serial number for an outboard motor
  • Trailer model and serial number if the boat includes a trailer
Boat Bill of Sale Form for Florida
Boat Bill of Sale Form for Florida

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DMV Bill of Sale Form for Florida

New owners of motor vehicles are expected to show proof of ownership to the Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) within their locality by tendering the DMV bill of sale document. This is a department that authorizes the proof of ownership for motor vehicles purchased in Florida.

This process of transfer of ownership from a seller to a buyer is very important after every motor vehicle sale transaction. Certain specific purchase information should be on the DMV bill of sale form for Florida, such as;

  • Legal name and address of the buyer and seller
  • Signature of buyer and seller
  • Notary public seal
  • Certificate of tittle number
  • Date of transaction
  • Vehicle manufacturer, body type, model, color and year.
DMV Bill of Sale Form for Florida
DMV Bill of Sale Form for Florida

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If you live or work in Florida, you must follow the rules that guides the purchase of items and valuable properties in the state. The Florida bill of sale serves as an important document needed to show the proof or purchase and ownership of items within the state. Ensure you learn more about its requirements.

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