Virginia Bill of Sale Form for DMV, Car, Boat

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Life is all about changes. With each passing year, new technological products are being introduced for the betterment and of a person's lifestyle. To keep up with that, people buy and sell these materials, and the cycle goes on.

For example, when a new car model is introduced, a person who has been driving an old model of the car might want to upgrade it by buying the new model, and so, they would get into it. On the other hand, someone may need some cash to deal with their necessities, and for that purpose, they might decide to sell some of their possessions.

No matter what the reason might be, when a trade happens, it is important to prepare a document for it which can be used as official evidence of ownership as well as the deal that has happened. This document is called the Bill of Sale.

Importance of the Bill of Sale

This document is used to reflect the changes occurring in the ownership of a thing along with all the rights fully transferred to the later owner. It is an agreement between the seller and the buyer along with the mention of all the necessary terms and conditions.

Importance of theBill of Sale
Importance of theBill of Sale

Let's take a look at two supposed cases to understand the importance of this bill in more depth.

Case #1: Fraudulent Misrepresentation

Let's say that there is a seller who is selling a faulty car by lying about it, and a buyer falls for it. The buyer doesn't know about the poor electronic condition of the car since the seller has mentioned a false description of the item in the agreement. Now later on, when the buyer operates the car for quite some time, he comes across the hidden problem that the seller covered with lies, the buyer can take legal action against the seller by using the Bill of Sale as proof of agreement and mention of qualities of the car that don't exist; the wrong statement of facts.

Case #2: Misuse by the Buyer

Now let's say that a buyer buys something from a seller, and now misuses it for illegal purposes, etc. Whatever the buyer does with the bought product doesn't have anything to do with the former owner of the item since the change of ownership can be proven officially by the Bill of Sale. It will identify that the previous owner has no concern with the item.

Virginia Bill of Sale

It is important to know that each state has its format and terms & conditions related to the Bill of Sale. Henceforth, the Bill of Sale made for a particular state cannot be used in any other state.

Talking about the Bill of Sale for the dealership happening in the limits of Virginia, much like in any other place, the basic purpose stays the same that is to build an official agreement of ownership change and reserved rights between the subjects.

However, the Virginia Bill of Sale does not have to be attested by a notary to get officially accepted.

Important Terms Used in Virginia Bill of Sale

To avoid jargon and ensuring an effective understanding of the templates, it is important to get a better knowledge of some basic terms that you may come across in a Bill of Sale.

The important terms used in the Virginia Bill of Sale and what they refer to is mentioned below:


In this particular area, the basic information about the seller; a person who is selling his/her item, is mentioned. This includes the seller's address, full name, contact number, etc. You can also add additional information in this section if necessary.


Similar to that of the seller, in this portion, you write about the necessary information related to the buyer in charge. You can also add additional information here.

Property Location

If the deal is made over a good that is in another state at the time of dealership, this section comes in place.

Sales Tax

Sales tax refers to the price amount that has to be paid to the associated governing authority taker. If the sales tax is needed to be paid, the related amount is mentioned in the section.


This includes all the details related to the property as well as the dates concerning the dealership.

Witness Information

Witnesses play an important role in making a document more reliable. In case the dealership has happened in presence of a witness, there is a portion on the Bill of Sale to add information related to the witness.


This is a very important term that you should know before agreeing to buy something. As-is refers to the agreement between the seller and the buyer on the existing condition of the product. If someone is agreeing to buy an item as-is, this means that he is accepting the product for what as well as how it is in the present condition.


This is a necessary section when an item is given to someone as a gift but the tax is implied like normal conditions.


This acts in situations where products are traded as a value of each other. No additional amount is paid. One trade for another.


Signatures hold great importance in any official document. The same goes for the Virginia Bill of Sale. Both the parties have to sign the document as an acknowledgment and hold of responsibility governing the dealership.

Viriginia Bill of Sale for DMV

If you are purchasing any vehicle in Virginia that has been registered for a minimum of 5 years or older, you need to have a proper DMV Bill of Sale. The major focus on the pricing of the vehicle to be purchased will be set by your local department of motor vehicles. Once done, the tax amount that you need to pay will be estimated. You need to make sure that the bill of sale has all the important details needed for the deal mentioned in it. Once ensured, the document is supposed to be submitted to the DMV to further complete the certification of the condition of the vehicle, etc.

Viriginia Bill ofSale for DMV
Viriginia Bill ofSale for DMV

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Virginia Bill of Sale for Boat

Since a boat is more of a complicated material than any other vehicle, it also includes some tricky information that has to be mentioned in the bill of sale for a proper agreement. This may include the hull identity number, its material, etc. As discussed previously, it is not essential to get the document attested. If both the parties have responsibly signed the document, t is considerable.

Virginia Bill of Salefor Boat
Virginia Bill of Salefor Boat

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Virginia Bill of Sale for Car

When the deal revolves around the car, the Virginia state binds both the parties with certain terms and conditions according to which, the new owner will be responsible for all the outstanding taxes, bills, etc. That is why the buyer shall make sure that the car bills and taxes are fully paid, free of any liability.

Virginia Bill of Salefor Car
Virginia Bill of Salefor Car

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There are many other purchasing products for which the Virginia Bill of Sale is mandatory. This includes the Virginia Bill of Sale for Trailer, etc. To remember, the basic purpose remains the same regardless of the target item.

Virginia Bill of Sale Form for DMV, Car, Boat Examples in PDF Format

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Virginia Bill of Sale Form for DMV, Car, Boat Examples in Word (Doc) Format

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In this guide, we tried our best to mention all the possible aspects of the Virginia Bill of Sale that is important for you to know before making any purchase or selling your goods.

We hope that you found the information helpful!

Thank you! Happy dealing!

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